Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Noodle: a bit hard to swallow

It has taken two years for Noodle to reach Melbourne. It’s a lightweight but enjoyable Israeli comedy/drama. Like classic Shakespearean comedy the relationships are confused, with multiple misunderstandings.

Two sisters share a unit in Tel Aviv. Miri (Mili Avital) is an El Al flight attendant who has lost two husbands in the ongoing military conflicts. The other sister Gila (Anat Waxman) has her estranged husband Izzy (Alon Abutbul) living next door. He's an unlikely leading man.

The central plot could only happen in Israel where the use of illegal immigration as a theme must have more than a touch of irony. It has a fluffy, happy ending that is uplifting if corny and predictable.

Noodle is a Chinese boy. The attempts to reunite him with his mother are the catalyst for the romantic elements in the film.

It's a well chosen, competent cast. Director and co-writer Ayelet Menahemi has created a tight, fast flowing story. This is another multiple language film. Hebrew is the main one, plus English and Chinese.

Noodle has the feel of a telemovie, which might explain its limited cinema release. The plot is a bit hard to swallow but it’s worth a look if you need cheering up.

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