Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flickcrit: Babies - Speaking for Themselves

No commentary, no dialogue to speak of, just four babies in their first year of life. Ponijao from Opuwo Namibia, Bayar from Bayarjargal Mongolia, Mari from Tokyo Japan and Hattie from San Francisco USA.

Though not my topic of choice, I was won over within seconds. Thomas Balm├Ęs'Babies is my kind of documentary maker. He lets the camera tell the story. The structure is straightforward and predictable: from breastfed dependency to toddling independence. You can draw your own life lessons, just enjoy the wonder of infancy or do both. If the global village has any future, it is being nurtured in these communities.

It's a French production but could hardly be classified as foreign language. Wikipedia suggests that some viewers think "it lacks insight and depth". Must be used to docos that do all the thinking for them.

Do yourself a favour - catch this one, preferably on the big screen. I haven't smiled so much at the cinema  for ages.